Please Email Feedback/Suggestions/Questions to shivkuma AT gmail DOT com

I have received several kind notes of appreciation and I am as always thrilled to receive them.

The primary motivating forces behind this work are my parents Smt. Geetha and Shri. K. Kalyanaraman (kalyangeetha2004 AT yahoo DOT com) and my gurus Shri Peri Sriramamurthy (Hyderabad), Smt. T. Rukmini (Chennai), Shri. B.R.C. Iyengar (Secunderabad) and late Shri. M.N. Subramanyam (Chennai) . If possible, please also mention your feedback to them through email or in person if you happen to meet them.

I am constantly trying to improve these resources both in format and content. I would appreciate your thoughts on how it could better address your needs. Please let me know if you are:

* a rasika interested in understanding the music (which level?: either basics or advanced topics) or
* an aspiring or active music student (which level?: beginner, basics/geethams, varnams, krithis, alapana/swarakalpana etc).

What kind of material would help you achieve your goals? How far do the current web sites go in terms of helping you get there?

You wont believe it, but your feedback has helped me shape most of the aspects and content of these web pages! Here is a sense of some projects I have done or am doing based upon past feedback: added MP3 files; started the audio classes in addition to just the song versions; added varnams and geethams and recently alapana/neraval/swarakalpana (manodharma) pages. I am experimenting with classes and meanings of some famous slokas (vishnu sahasranamam etc). I am working on a page that provides basic lessons (sarali/janta etc), and on a joint project with Ramesh Mahadevan on a "gentle intro" to carnatic music for indian light music fans.

Usually my method is to identify the greatest possible benefit (with your feedback), and then search for the fastest and most convenient way for me to do it (else it will just consume time without valuable and consistent output).

Please Email Feedback/Suggestions/Questions to shivkuma AT gmail DOT com

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